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What makes an inotherm door special?

Infinte Design Options

The entrance door is of key importance for the architectural design of your home. Its style, colours and accessories give the house a unique style. In our offer you will find a wide range of different door designs, from simple and classic to modern and extravagant.

We can redesign any external door from our standard offer according to the customer’s wishes, with practically no limitation. Our designers and craftsmen can perfectly cater to your unique wishes and create the perfect entrance just for you. However, you can also design your new door all by yourself! Don’t worry, it’s quite simple!

Top Selling Models

Inotherm AAE 1046

AAE 1046

Inotherm AAE 1049

AAE 1049

Inotherm AAE 1702

AAE 1702

Inotherm AEE 1111

AEE 1111

Inotherm AEE 1160

AEE 1160

Inotherm AGE 1030

AGE 1030

Inotherm AGE 1230

AGE 1230

Inotherm AGE 1527

AGE 1527

Inotherm AGE 1560

AGE 1560

Inotherm AGE 1806

AGE 1806

Inotherm AGE 1130

AGE 1130

Inotherm AGE 1181

AGE 1181

Advantages of an Inotherm Door

Inotherm Aluminium entrance doors have numerous advantages over standard plastic or wooden doors, which makes them the number one choice for customers all over Europe. Inotherm aluminum entrance doors provide you with:

  • Exceptional burglar protection
  • A high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • An extremely long useful life
  • Almost unlimited design options

One of the most noteable benefits aluminium provides is it's provides exceptional weather resistance with superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Its reliability makes it a premium entrance door material. At the same time, it enables precise workmanship, which is crucial when manufacturing products with high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Key Features of Inotherm Aluminium Doors:

cross section of an inotherm door profile showing the key features of an inotherm door


Depending on the entrance door program you select, the thickness of the infill may be 54mm, 85mm and 105mm. Due to their above-standard thickness, all entrance doors provide you with outstanding thermal insulation and high energy savings.


All entrance doors feature glazing with three 6mm thick glass panes, which additionally insulate and enhance the safety of your home.


A special heat barrier in the gap between the panel and the frame prevents heat from escaping and reduces your heating costs.


For better statics, an expansion layer is added to all entrance doors, which prevents the bending or deformation of the entrance door and maintains the stability of the door even with large temperature swings.


A robust aluminum threshold with a thermal break reduces the energy flow in the lower part of the door and allows for the invisible mounting of the door frame.


Our doors are sealed with three round liquid seals with vulcanised corner joints for better thermal insulation.

Combining all these features with top quality workmanship and an exceptional style results in the perfect entrance that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing – even decades after the purchase.

INOTHERM - A World of Exclusive Doors

INOSMART - An Intelligent Door Opening System

More About 'CHOICES' Inotherm

The Inotherm Aluminium Door has a lot to offer.


Your finger is your key!

The new generation of readers, which can be controlled via the INOkey mobile app, is a new step in the area of security, practicality and convenience. INOkey’s numerous advanced features and motorised automatic locking make it an indispensable accessory when purchasing a new entrance door.

Image of person using inosmart on their phone to control their inotherm door.

WHO ARE inotherm?

Inotherm are aluminium door specialists with over 25 years experience designing and manufacturing some of the best Aluminium Entrance Doors available on the market.

All inotherm Aluminium doors are manufactured entirely in Slovenia. If quality and security are your highest priority when it comes to your home, you can't go wrong with an Inotherm Aluminium Entrance door.

inotherm Door Designer

Design your dream entrance

Classic, modern, extravagant, simple… Our offer comprises more than 400 entrance door models customizable to your liking.Upload a picture of your façade to the door configurator, modify door colours, shapes and accessories, and choose the right ones for you.

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