How to Guide - Adding a Project to your 'Choices' Website Portfolio

Your Choices website aswell as being packed with over 70 'Choices' products

Updating and maintaining your 'Choices' Website portfolio will help your gain more sales by:

  1. Show potential customers actual projects/product installations you have completed, which will build confidence
  2. Add extra pages to your website, organically growing the size of the website
  3. Add more of your website pages to search engine databases, in the hope they will be returned to potential local customers searching for double glazed products in your area

Step One

Login to Website Dashboard

  1. To update the portfolio you will first need to login.
  2. Login is very simple and all you need to do is to add /login to the end of your domain name, i.e if your website has the following domain "" you need to add "/login" to the end of the domian "" and press the enter key.
  3. You will then be presented you with an login screen where you need to enter your "username" and "password".

Step Two


  1. Once you have logged into you will be presented with the dashboard.

Step Two


  1. To update your portfolio click the button labelled “portfolio” on the left hand side of the screen, this will then provide a drop down menu for you with 3 buttons to browse through.
  2. Clicking the “Portfolio” text link will redirect you to a page where you can view all portfolio.
  3. Clicking “Add new” will take you to the portfolio section where you can create a new portfolio own.
  4. This walkthrough we will be showing you how to create your own post so if you click “Add new” it’ll redirect you to a separate page for you to start to compile your post.

Step Three


The “Portfolio” button alone will redirect you to a page where you can view all created posts and “Add new” will take you to a page like this so you can create your own. This walkthrough we will be showing you how to create your own post so if you click “Add new” it’ll redirect you to a separate page for you to start to compile your post.

Step Four

Getting started

Starting with a blank text block we can begin by adding the title, try being as specific as possible and include a clear description and a location; doing this helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) This assists with pushing your site to the top of the list and hopefully page one on search engines like chrome and internet explorer thus improving chances of making a sale.

As shown below we suggest that you use the appropriate format for your description, in this instance we would change your paragraph styled text to a header styled format by highlighting the applicable text and using the drop down menu shown in the image. The style of text would be more user friendly and a consumer can easily stay more engaged with the content.

Step Five


The buttons shown below are effectively just as useful for readability, for instance if you were writing a list of benefits of the products it would look a lot more enticing to have bullet points as opposed to a sentence with a fair amount of commas. You could also use a hyperlink if you have a clip of an instillation you’re promoting on YouTube for example. Luckily this format is very similar to Microsoft word so is should be a relatively familiar layout.

Step Six


On the right hand side of the text box you will see a series of boxes’, find the “category” box and make sure you don’t forget to put your portfolio into an applicable category E.G. For new windows fitted you would click “Windows” Then if you look further down the page you will see a “gallery Images” and “featured Images” section. Here is where you would add your images; gallery being the expanded view of the portfolio then the featured image being the thumbnail for the whole project.

Step Seven

Uploading images part 1

When you click on the “Add gallery images” button you will be taken to a screen like the image below. “Media library” is where you uploaded images and/or template images are stored. “Upload files” is how you would load images from your computer.

Step Eight

Uploading images part 2

you can upload your images like shown in the image below by holding “ctrl” whilst clicking the images you select, this will enable you to select and import more than one image at a time, following your selection click open at the bottom right of the box or you can just double click on the appropriate image you would like to import or finally “drag and drop” them into the box.

After you’ve imported them in any which way, they will be sent to your “Media Library” located at the top left of the screen.

screenshot of user selecting an image to upload

Step Nine

Uploading images part 3

This screen is the media library section and one of the final parts of uploading your images to your portfolio. Again if you would like to add more then hold “ctrl” then Click the images you would like to upload or re-click to unselect in image.

media library screenshot

Step Ten

Uploading images part 4

This section is where you could delete images if needed to free space, avoid confusion or to get rid of a wrong upload ext.

Here you also add your photos “alt tags” (again these really help with SEO) alt tags are where you would enter buzz words or “hash tags” which make you more likely to get promoted on a search browser. So if I typed into Google Images “CWG” the CWG logo would appear using SEO alt tags.

Please try and ensure that you have hyphenated your image name instead of space as your browser translates it as %20 between your words. ( Also featured images need to be at least 200 X 200px to be uploaded on this platform.

Img details pane in the backend of wordpress

Step Eleven


Then once you’ve completed all of that, if you look at the top right hand side of the screen you will notice a box above your categories section called publish.

Here you can save as a draft for a proof read before publishing or you can preview it on the site to get the look and feel of the post, you can also delete the whole thing by moving to trash or you can click the publish button to make it live with immediate effect.

If you want to get technical you can also schedule your publication. This could be useful if you are arranging a campaign for a certain range or promotion. If you click the edit button next to “publish” you can chose a date and time to publish your content. dgnfhg;fh;g

screenshot of completed portfolio post from the back end

Step Twelve


Now it’s live it’ll make a great addition to your website and give your customers added trust in your company through likeability, size and workmanship. One final tip is to keep your portfolio up to date and post frequently, the more posts, the better SEO and potentially a greater audience.

screenshot of up to date portfolio page
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