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Choices Online is an instant quoting and ordering tool.

It allows our customers to create their own quotes, instantly, and convert them to an order with the click of a button.

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Easy to use

Choices Online is, by design, incredibly easy to use, professional and both desktop and iPad (iOS) friendly.It will allow our customers to visit their end users, and instantly input all the technical information they need to provide a quote. CWG customers can tailor their own costs and profit margins by customer type or by individual and the software will generate them custom customer branded quotation documents and even contracts.

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Product types are clearly labelled at every step, to help customers identify exactly what they want.

Avoid Mistakes

Chocies Online makes it so customers do not need to send in a quote request.This will help to minimise the errors and delays that can arise from handwritten quote forms being illegible, or not correctly labelled.

shot of what the choices online basket looks like

Each product is then displayed in a “basket” view where the customer can see the products, basic specification and cost or tailored price.

Customisable Prices

As Choices Online allows trade customers to add on their own costs and desired profit margin. This custimisation means installers can easily provide their quote on to their homeowner customer. When a customer is ready to convert their quote into an order, they can simply click a button and CWG Choices will be notified of a new order.

This will help our customers by minimising and streamlining administration time, managing enquiries through from beginning to end in terms of technical detail and sending confirmed orders straight into our production schedule. However, all confirmed orders can be checked by the CWG Choices processing team, thus providing customers with added security that their orders are correct when they are submitted.

CWG Are Commited to their Customers

Choices Online is yet another demonstration of CWG’s commitment to partnership with its trade customer base and use of IT infrastructure to enable seamless window and door supply service to the trade.

Training Sessions

CWG Choices is running customer training sessions both in a COVID secure class environment and in on-line classroom environment throughout November. Within just hours of releasing some dates, the first 3 days of training sessions for almost 30 customer business were completely full.

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